To truly experience ELP, one must be part of a live performance.
Unfortunately, many fans, myself included, have never had the opportunity
of doing this.  So, the next best thing is concert videos.

To date, there have only been 5 commercially released ELP videos containing
concert material.  However, there are many other professionally shot concert
segments in existence, usually the result of a TV special.

As well as the pro-shot material, there is the so-called "audience" video, and
these can vary in picture and sound quality from the very good tripod mounted
with stereo sound variety, to the old 8mm quality with poor sound.

Here is a list, not necessarily complete, of some of the concert video
material available.


Pictures at an Exhibition (London 1970)

There are at least two versions of this video available, one being only the
40min Pictures at an Exhibition, the other being 90min and including The
Barbarian, Take a Pebble, Knife Edge and Rondo.

The Manticore Documentary (Europe 1973)

A one hour documentary with not much concert footage.  But it still has quite
of behind the scenes material.

Montreal Olympic Stadium (Montreal 1977)

This 87min video had a limited release back in the late 1970s, and includes
about two thirds of the monumental concert, complete with full symphoney
orchestra.  It has now been rereleased with hifi stereo sound.

Welcome Back (1993)

This 85min video is a documentary which mainly covers the "Black Moon" tour.

Live at the Royal Albert Hall, London 1992

This 90min video captures about 80% of ELP's performance from the Royal
Albert Hall.  It is very well shot, and captures all the highlights of 
a show from the "Black Moon" tour.  Excellent hifi stereo sound also.

Isle of Wight Special (1995)

This 130min video on the 1970 Isle of Wight festival features about 13min
of ELP playing "The Great Gates of Kiev" and "Rondo".  The original TV special
only had about 2min of ELP, so the video is worth seeing to get an idea of
what ELP may have looked and sounded like in their second ever show.


Beat Club - "Knife Edge" and "Take a Pebble" (1970) 25min

Rock of the Seventies - "The Barbarian", "Take a Pebble", "Nutrocker"
and "Rondo" (1970/71) 60min

Rondo - Supergroups in Concert, Dusseldorf, GER. (1971)

Tokyo - Karakeun Stadium (22/7/72) 70min

Calfornia Jam - Ontario Speedway (6/4/74) 60min

Old Grey Whistle Test - Montreal and Memphis (1977/78) 45min

Munich, Germany - Satellite TV Broadcast (1997) 67min



Jones Beach, NY - Complete Show (25/7/92) 110min

Hartford, CONN. - Complete Show (4/8/92) 105min

Atlanta, GEORGIA - Incomplete Show (18/8/92) 30min

San Diego, CA - Incomplete Show (26/8/92) 105min

Yokohama, JAP - Complete Show (10/9/92) 105min

Nagoya, JAP - Complete Show (12/9/92) 105min

Tokyo, JAP - Complete Show (19/9/92) 100min

Verona, ITA - Complete Show (26/9/92) 110min

Modena, ITA - Incomplete Show (19/11/92) 30min

Rome, ITA - Incomplete Show (20/11/92) 40min

Toronto, CAN - Incomplete Show (22/1/93) 90min

Boston, MASS. - Incomplete Show (29/1/93) 82min

New York City - Complete Show (3/2/93) 110min

New York City - Complete Show (4/2/93) 120min

New Haven - Complete Show (19/2/93) 115min

Peoria - Complete Show (28/2/93) 120min

Los Angeles, CA - Complete Show (16/3/93) 115min

Rio De Janeiro, BRA - Complete Show (24/3/93) 110min

New York City - K-Rock FM Hungerthon (17-11-93) 30min


Hartford, CT - Complete Show (25-08-96) 57min

Jones Beach, NY - Incomplete Show (31-08-96) 54min

Moline, IL - Complete Show (08-09-96) 70min 

Los Angeles, CA - Incomplete Show (1996) 54min   

====1997 WORLD TOUR====

Wallingford, CT - Complete Show (07-09-97) 105min

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