My ELP Audio and Video Collection

Below is listed my Emerson, Lake and Palmer (and related) collection
of CDs, cassettes, Laser discs and video tapes.  To supplement my
collection of commercially available recordings, I began purchasing
bootleg LPs in the early 1970's.  This subsided in the 1980's, but
recommenced with the introduction of the CD.  It has continued to
grow thanks to the internet, and the many generous people around
the globe who share my passion for ELP.   

Notes on quality :

A+ indicates perfect CD or LP quality.

A indicates 1st generation copy of CD or near commercial

A- indicates very good quality audience recording

B+ indicates good quality audience recording, with some
audience noise.

B/B- indicates older recording.  Still very listenable.

C  indicates one for the fans, usually spoiled due to
background hiss. 

These ratings don't take into account other factors such
as performance or special material that may have been played. 


All commercial releases, plus.....

23-08-70  Plymouth, UK (1st show, 2nd half)   Cass  20m  B-
29-08-70  "Debut" Isle of Wight, UK           CD    65m  A
04-12-70  Zurich, SWI                         Cass
06-12-70  Boblingen, Germany                  Cass  90m  C
09-12-70  London, UK (Copy of Pictures film)  Cass  85m  A
??-??-70  Pictures rehearsals ????            Cass  35m  B-

12-03-71  Plymouth, ENG                       Cass
24-03-71  Sheffield, ENG                      Cass
30-04-71  Fillmore East, NYC                  Cass
26-05-71  NYC                                 Cass
12-06-71  Amsterdam, Holl                     Cass 120m  B
15-06-71  Karlshrue, GM with Tarkus 1972      CDR  105m  B+
17-06-71  Dusseldorf, GM                      Cass
20-06-71  "Sukrat" London, UK                 Cass  90m  B
20-06-71  London, UK "Rondo"                  CDR   18m  A-
19-07-71  Hollywood Bowl, CA.                 CDR   70m  B+
12-08-71  Chicago, IL.                        Cass  47m  B
13-08-71  Montreal, CAN                       CDR   42m  B-
21-08-71  Chicago, Il.                        CDR   74m  B+
01-09-71  Gaelic Park, NYC                    CDR   90m  B+
12-09-71  Toronto, CAN (A Time and a Place)   Cass  40m  B
17-12-71  Birmingham, UK                      Cass  35m  B

31-03-72  Miami, FL.                          Cass
02-04-72  May-R-Sol Festival, Puerto Rico     Cass  10m  A
10-04-72  Academy of Music, NYC               Cass  90m  B 
18-04-72  Montreal, CAN                       CDR  100m
21-04-72  Louisville, KY (Abaddon's Bolero)   CDR  115m
04-06-72  Essen, GM                           CDR   93m  B
10-06-72  Frankfurt, W.Gm.                    Cass
24-06-72  Witrikou, SWI                       CDR   79m  B
??-07-72  Tokyo Hilton interview              CDR   25m  B+
22-07-72  "Hoedown" Tokyo, JP                 CD    70m  B+
24-07-72  "Read the Riot Act" Osaka, JP       Cass  90m  B
28-07-72  Long Beach Arena, CA                CD   100m  B+
13-08-72  "Tortured Dream" Saratoga USA       Cass  75m  A-
16-09-72  Oval Cricket Ground, London, UK     Cass  90m
17-11-72  Glasgow, Scotland                   Cass  90m
26-11-72  "Cut the Organ" London, UK          CD   105m  B+ 
??-??-72   ELP Interview with Frank Crocker   Cass

31-03-73  Dusseldorf, W. Germany              Cass  25m  
31-03-73  Dusseldorf, W. GM (full show)       CDR  120m  B+
10-04-73  Ludwigshafen, GM                    Cass 120m  B-
13-04-73  Cologne, GM (with Bolero)           Cass  90m
18-04-73  Gothenberg, SWE                     Cass  45m
23-04-73  Munster, W.Gm.                      Cass  50m
24-04-73  Munich, GM                          Cass
25-04-73  Vienna, AU.                         Cass  
03-05-73  Palasport, Bologna, IT              Cass
04-05-73  Rome, IT                            CDR  108m B
04-11-73  Hollywood, FL                       Cass
01-12-73  Minneapolis, MN (Rondo finale)      Cass  10m 
07-12-73  Toronto, CAN (Benny the Bouncer)    Cass 135m  
09-12-73  Montreal, CAN                       CDR  120m
10-12-73  Boston, MA.                         Cass 120m
18-12-73  MSG, NYC                            Cass 120m

??-??-74  Brain Salad Surgery interview       Cass  15m  B+
02-02-74  San Francisco, CA                   Cass  90m
09-02-74  San Bernadino, CA                   Cass 
10-02-74  "Callow, Crash..." Anaheim, CA      LP    48m  B-
10-02-74  "Rondo" Anaheim Plus 20-06-71       CD    55m  B+ 
10-02-74  "Smashing the Piano", plus 12-11-77 CD    45m  A-
26-03-74  Wichita, KS                         Cass 115m  B
06-04-74  "California Jam", Ontario, CA       CDR   40m  A-
07-05-74  Barcelona, SP.                      Cass 135m 
25-05-74  Rotterdam, Holl                     Cass 135m  B
26-05-74  Paris, FR.                          Cass
     -74  Tulsa, OK (Anaheim again ?????)     CDR   55m  A+
26-06-74  "Impressions" Buffalo, NY           CD   135m  B+
29-07-74  Providence, RI                      Cass 135m
12-08-74  Charlotte Motor Speedway, NC        Cass 135m
24-08-74  Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City      CDR  140m  B 

??-??-77  Works interview                     Cass  50m  A-
31-05-77  Detroit, USA (with Orchestra)       Cass  60m  B-
07-07-77  Madison Square Garden, NYC (w Orch) Cass
08-07-77  Madison Square Garden, NYC (w Orch) CD   145m  B+
10-07-77  Hartford, CT                        Cass
24-07-77  CNE Bandstand, Toronto, CAN         CDR   90m  B
11-08-77  Long Beach, CA                      CDR  114m  B
26-08-77  Montreal rehearsals                 CDR   70m
17-10-77  MSG, NYC                            Cass
20-10-77  Colefield, MD                       CDR  125m  B+
25-10-77  Jackson, MISS                       Cass 125m
04-11-77  Little Rock, AK                     Cass  45m  B
12-11-77  "Works 1/2" Wheeling, USA           LP    45m  A-
20-11-77  Memphis, TN                         Cass  45m  B+
30-11-77  New Haven, USA                      Cass  90m  A-
12-08-77  "Looking Out for #1"Long Beach, CA  CDR   49m  B+

20-01-78  Chicago, IL.                        CDR  127m  B
22-01-78  Chicago Stadium, Chicago, IL        CDR  120m  B
24-01-78  Terre Haute, IN                     CDR  110m  B
09-02-78  "Past and Present" Long Island, NY  CD    72m  B+
09-02-78  Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY    Cass 120m  B+
03-03-78  Boston, MA.                         Cass

22-07-92  Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PN      CDR  105m  B
25-07-92  Jones Beach, NY                     Cass 110m  A-
18-08-92  Atlanta, GA                         CDR   96m  A-
28-08-92  Los Angeles, CA                     CDR  102m  A-
14-09-92  Osaka, Japan                        CDR  110m  A-
26-09-92  Verona, IT.                         CDR   74m  A-
29-09-92  Budapest, RM                        CDR   91m  A-
02-10-92  Royal Albert Hall, London           Cass 120m  A
23-10-92  The Hague, Holland                  Cass 100m  B 
??-??-92  Germany ???? (with Peter Gunn)      CDR  110m  B
??-??-92  Germany ???? Soundcheck             CDR   17m                  
28-10-92  "Black Affair" Stuttgart, GER.      Cass  75m  B
03-11-92  Barcellona, SP                      CDR  100m  A-
21-11-92  Milan, Italy                        Cass 100m   
??-??-92  ?????????Another BM Tour            Cass  90m  B+
??-??-92  Wecome Back - The ELP Story         Cass  60m  B+

01-02-93  Springfield, MA                     CDR  120m  B+
19-02-93  Minneapolis, MN                     Cass 120m
12-03-93  Nuremberg, GM "Father Christmas"    CDR    4m
14-03-93  San Francisco, CA.                  Cass 120m  A-
19-03-93  Wiltern Theatre, LA                 CD   120m  A
04-04-93  Buenos Aires. ARG                   CDR  120m  A-
16-11-93  Howard Stern Show                   Cass  30m  B+
17-12-93  KLOS FM                             Cass  10m  A
19-08-96  Toronto, CAN                        Cass  60m  B-
20-09-96  San Diego, CA                       Cass  60m  B
22-09-96  Unviversal Amphitheatre, LA         CDR   55m  A-
31-08-96  Jones Beach, NY                     CDR   54m  B+
09-10-96  Osaka, Japan                        CDR   90m  A-
08-10-96  Fukuoka, Japan                      Cass  90m  B
10-10-96  Nagoya, Japan                       CDR   74m  A-
19-10-96  Saitama, Japan                      CDR   90m  A-

28-06-97  Kassel, GM                          Cass 100m  B
29-06-97  Amsterdam, Holland                  Cass  90m  B+
13-07-97  Dresden, GER                        Cass  90m  B+
21-07-97  Rome, Italy                         Cass 100m  B+
25-07-97  Bellinzona, IT "Kingdon Festival"   CDR  100m  A-
08-08-97  Buenos Aires, ARG                   CDR  110m  B+  
10-08-97  Gramado, ARG                        CDR  100m  B+
16-08-97  Rio De Janeiro, BR                  CDR   54m  B+
07-09-97  Wallingford, CT Soundcheck          Cass  15m
??-09-97  Long Island, NY                     Cass 110m  A-
10-09-97  Beacon Theatre, NYC                 CDR   67m
12-09-97  Boston, MA (Hammond on fire show)   CDR  110m  A-
14-09-97  Westbury Music Fair, NY             CDR  111m  A-
17-09-97  Rosemount Theatre, Chicago, IL      Cass 100m  B+
19-09-97  Chicago, IL.                        Cass 100m  B+			
23-09-97  Phoenix, AZ                         CDR  108m  A-
25-09-97  Universal City, CA                  Cass 100m  B
28-09-97  Visalia, CA                         Cass 100m  B+
30-09-97  San Diego, CA                       Cass 100m  B+

01-08-98  Hampton Beach, NH                   CDR   95m  A-
02-08-98  Burlington, VT                      CDR   95m  A
07-08-98  Hartford, CT                        CDR   70m  B+
08-08-98  Mansfield, MA                       CDR   70m  B+
11-08-98  Wilkes Barre, PA                    CDR   70m  A- 
19-08-98  Toronto, CAN                        CDR   70m  B+
21-08-98  Cuayhoga Falls, OH                  CDR   70m  A+
26-08-98  Fiddler's Green, Greenwood, CO      Cass
28-08-98  Warfield Theatre, SF, CA            CDR   70m  A
30-08-98  Universal City, CA                  CDR   70m  A+
31-08-98  4th & B, San Diego, CA (final show) CDR   95m  A-


****Keith Emerson

Honky                                         CD    40m  A+
Best Revenge (soundtrack)                     CD    40m  A+
Nighthawks (soundtrack - hear Keith sing !!)  CDR   40m  A+
Murderock (soundtrack)                        CD    40m  A+
Inferno (soundtrack)                          CDR   40m  A
La Chiesa (soundtrack)                        CDR   45m  A+
Christmas album                               CD    40m  A
Changing States                               CD    40m  A+
Harmageddon (soundtrack)                      Cass  20m  A
A Blade of Grass                              Cass   4m  A
Golliwogs Cakewalk (Not KE ???)               Cass   5m  A
Demos                                         CDR   60m  A 
Demos Vol II                                  CDR   60m  A
The Emerson Chronicles                        CDR  150m  A 
With the VIPs - At the Twenty Club 1966       Cass  45m  B+ 
The VIPs - Lost and Found                     Cass  45m  A
With Cleo Laine (4 July 1973)                 Cass   8m  B- 
With Oscar Peterson (30 Jan 1976)             Cass  13m  B
With Mark Bonilla/Glen Hughes (14/05/98)      CDR   90m  A
With Mark Bonilla/Glen Hughes (15/05/98)      CDR  100m  A
Interview (1978)                              CDR    5m  B+ 

****Greg Lake

Greg solo album                               LP    40m  A+
Manouevers                                    CDR   40m  A-
In concert with Gary Moore                    CD    50m  A+
C'est La Vie - Toronto, CAN                   Cass  90m  B+
Newcastle, UK (16 Oct 1981)                   Cass  60m  B
with The Shame (1968 ?)                       Cass   4m  B+ 
A Concert for Sarah                           Cass  30m  B+
Robert Klein Show (1981)                      CDR   30m  B+
From the Underground                          CD         A+

****Carl Palmer

Love Beach Interview                          Cass  15m  B+ 
Drum Clinic Turku, FIN (26 Jan 1987)          Cass  85m  B 
Aquarius Show Drum Demonstration              Cass   5m  B+
Unreleased Works track                        CDR    5m  B
Paiste Days - drum clinic  (1985)             CDR   30m  A
The Crazy World of Arthur Brown compilation   CD    45m  A+
Atomic Rooster (1st Album)                    CD    45m  A+
Atomic Rooster - Paris Theatre, BBc (1970)    Cass  30m
Desert Island Disc                            CDR   50m  B+
PM - 1 PM                                     CD    36m  A+
Qango - England (6 Feb 2000)                  CDR   96m  B


To the Power of Three                          LP    40m  A+
08-04-88  Bayshore, NY                         Cass
15-04-88  Boston, MA                           Cass
28-04-88  Billy's Old Mills, Milwaukee, WI     Cass       A-
14-04-88  The Ritz, NYC, NY                    CDR   90m  A
02-05-88  Boulder, CO                          Cass  80m  C
06-05-88  San Hose, CA                         Cass  90m  B+


??-??-86  Tour rehearsals                      CDR   90m  A
15-08-86  El Paso, TX                          CDR   91m  B-
19-08-86  New Orleans, LA (3 rare live tracks) Cass  24m  B+
19-08-86  New Orleans, LA                      CDR   94m  B-
12-09-86  Mann Music Centre, Philadelphia, PA  Cass
13-09-86  New Jersey, USA                      CDR  110m  B+ 
16-09-86  Great Woods                          CDR  101m  A- 
20-09-86  MSG, NYC                             Cass  20m  B+
04-10-86  Lakeland, US                         CD    73m  A
05-10-86  James L. Knight Centre, Miami, FL.   Cass  90m
17-10-86  Detroit, US                          CDR  115m  B
29-10-86  Oakland, CA                          Cass 115m  B+
30-10-86  Greek Theatre, LA                    Cass  90m  
01-11-86  San Diego, CA                        Cass 115m
??-??-86  Paris ???????????                    Cass  45m  B+
Locomotion/Vacant Possession                   Cass  10m  A
??-??-86  "Synthasia" - unreleased track ??    CDR    7m  A

****The Nice

All commercial releases
Live at the BBC 1967-70                        CD    75m  A
Demo "Branderburger" 1968
Colour Me Pop Live 1968                        CDR   70m  B
BBC TV America 7-68                            Cass   5m  B
Rome 6 May 1968                                Cass  10m  B-
Ossiac, SWI (30 June 1969)                     CDR   70m  B
The Nice with Ritchie Blackmore 1969           CDR   45m  B            
Amsterdam, HOLL 12-10-69                       Cass  75m  B             
Manchester, ENG 03-02-70                       Cass
Switched on Symphony                           Cass  10m  B
Los Angeles 5 July 1983                        Cass  20m  B


"Rarities" - The Shame, The Craig, 3, etc      CDR   75m
"Fanfare for the Pirates" - Various (3CD set)  CD   200m  A+ 
"Encores, Legends & Paradox" - Various         CD    70m  A+ 
"Reworks" - Works III                          CD    65m  A+



29-08-70  Isle of Wight - Pictures/Rondo       PAL   10m  A
09-12-70  London, UK - Pictures film           PAL   85m  A

??-??-71  Europe - Barbarian, Rondo, Nutrocker PAL   30m  A-
??-??-71  As above, but with Take a Pebble     NTSC  45m  A-
??-??-71  Beat Club - Take a Pebble            NTSC  10m  A
??-??-71  Beat Club - Knife Edge               NTSC   6m  A
??-??-71  Dusseldorf, GM - Rondo               NTSC  14m  A-

22-07-72  Tokyo, JP                            NTSC  75m  B

??-??-73  Manticore Documentary                NTSC  65m  A

06-04-74  "California Jam", Ontario, CA        NTSC  55m  B

??-??-77  Fanfare for the Common Man clip      PAL    8m  A-
08-07-77  New York City, NY                    NTSC  11m  B-
26-08-77  Montreal Olympic Stadium, CAN        NTSC  85m  A
??-??-77  Wisconsin                            NTSC   6m  B-

??-??-78  Old Grey Whistle Test                NTSC  45m  B- 
??-??-78  Ger. TV - Fanfare/Tiger in Spotlight NTSC  10m  B

25-07-92  Jones Beach, NY                      NTSC 110m  B+
04-08-92  Hartford, CT                         NTSC 105m
??-??-92  Virginia                             NTSC  65m  A
26-09-92  Verona, IT                           NTSC  54m  B+
26-09-92  Verona, IT                           PAL  110m  B
02-10-92  Royal Albert Hall, London            PAL   87m  A  
17-10-92  Koln, GER                            NTSC  16m 
19-11-92  Modena, IT                           NTSC  25m  B+
21-11-92  Milano, IT                           NTSC  65m  B+
??-??-92  In Concert Profile                   NTSC  15m  B+
??-??-92  Italy - Back Stage,Live,Travalog     NTSC 120m  B 
??-??-92  Japan                                NTSC

??-??-93  Welcome Back Documentary             NTSC  80m  A
03-02-93  Radio City Music Hall, NYC           NTSC 120m  B+
04-02-93  Radio City Music Hall soundcheck     NTSC  30m  C
04-02-93  Radio City Music Hall, NYC           NTSC 115m  A-
09-02-93  New Haven, CT                        NTSC 115m  B
16-03-93  Wiltern Theatre, LA                  NTSC 120m  B
??-03-93  Rio de Janerio, BR
01-04-93  Santiago, Chile                      NTSC 116m  B 
04-04-93  Argentinian TV "Lucky Man"           NTSC   6m  B+
17-11-93  Beacon Theatre, NYC, NY (Unplugged)  NTSC  30m  B+  
??-??-93  Arsenio Hall show                    NTSC  10m  A-
18-02-93  Tonight Show                         NTSC  10m  A-
15-11-93  Regis and Cathy Lee                  NTSC  10m  A-
27-12-93  Monday Night Football                NTSC   5m
??-??-93  Pop Goes Summer/BBC TV               NTSC  25m 

25-08-96  Hartford, CT                         NTSC  57m
31-08-96  Jones Beach, NY                      NTSC  54m  B+
08-09-96  Moline, IL                           NTSC  70m  A-    
12-10-96  Japan                                NTSC  80m  B

20-06-97  Budapest, HUNG                       NTSC 100m  A-
22-06-97  Katowice, Poland                           52m  B+
24-06-97  Munich, GM (Tollwood Festival)       PAL   50m  A-
07-07-97  Montreux, SWI                        NTSC   5m  A-
25-07-97  Bellinzona, SWI "Kingdom Festival"   NTSC 105m  A
08-08-97  Gran Rex Theatre, Buenos Aires, ARG  PAL        C
09-08-97  Buenos Aires, ARG                    NTSC  90m  B+
10-08-97  Gramado, BR                          NTSC 105m  B-
16-08-97  Rio De Janiero, BR                   NTSC  51m  A-     
12-09-97  Beacon Theatre, NYC                  NTSC 105M  B+
19-09-97  Chicago, IL                          NTSC 110m  B+

02-08-98  Burlington, VT                       NTSC  85m  B+
07-08-98  Hartford, CT                         NTSC  70m  B 
  -08-98  Toronto, CAN                         NTSC  75m  B+ 


??-??-81  Korg Demonstration                   NTSC   6m  C
??-??-84  Fairlight Demonstration              NTSC   4m  B-
??-??-86  Letterman Show "America"             NTSC   5m  B+
??-??-89  Italian TV with 2 studio musos       NTSC  30m  A-
??-??-89  Making of Live Aid for Armenia       NTSC  45m  B+ 
26-09-90  Yokohama, JP - The Best              NTSC  80m  A
Mid 1990s Iron Man (animated) All episodes     NTSC 550m  B
??-??-95  Gand Musictech                       NTSC  60m  B+ 
07-09-96  Venice Beach - Aliens show           NTSC  50m  B+
09-09-96  Venice Beach - Aliens show           NTSC  30m  B+
17-01-98  San Fran. with G.Hughes/M.Bonnila    NTSC 123m  B+


??-??-94  Today in NY "Daddy"                  NTSC   5m  B+
??-??-94  A Concert for Sara Ann               NTSC  30m  B+


04-12-87  European TV - Drum solo              NTSC   4m  B-
??-??-92  Interview                            NTSC   4m  B
??-??-82  Asia "The Smile Has Left Your Eyes"         5m


15-04-88  Boston, MA                           NTSC  45m  B-
??-??-88  Eight Miles High Promo               NTSC   5m  B
??-??-88  Atlantic Records Anniversary         NTSC  20m  B

****ELPowell VIDEO

20-08-86  Houston, TX                          NTSC 110m  B-
20-09-86  Madison Square Garden, NYC           NTSC       B
17-10-86  Detroit, MI                          NTSC 120m  B
??-??-86  Video promos                         NTSC   9m  C
??-??-86  Today Show/MTV interviews            NTSC  10m  B-


??-07-68  Beat Club - America                  NTSC   5m  A
??-??-69  Beat Club - Hang onto a Dream        NTSC   8m  A 
29-09-68  Fairfield Hall, Croydon, UK          NTSC  32m  A
05-07-83  Jam Night at the Central             NTSC  20m  B+  


??-??-99  Rock Family Trees - Prog Rock        PAL   50m