ELP Concert Track Listing

This is my attempt to document the material that ELP/ELPowell/Three may have played on their various tours. It is by no means complete, although not far from it. Each track listed has been played at least once, and has appeared on one or more bootleg recordings. There is anecdotal evidence that the Trilogy title track was played in concert very early in the Trilogy tour, but I am still to find recorded evidence of this. There may also be other non-ELP material that was played live.

The list below does not include ELP material that may have been performed by The Greg Lake solo band, The Best, The Aliens of Extraordinary Ability or Keith Emerson with Dragon Choir.

Please feel free to contact me with any modifications or additions.


The Barbarian (70,71)

Take a Pebble (70,71,72,73,74,96,97)

Knife Edge (70,71,77,78,86,92,93,96,97,98)

Tarkus (full) (71,72,73,74,98)

Tarkus (short) (77,78,92,93,96,97)

Jeremy Bender (74)

The Only Way (excerpt) (72)

A Time and a Place (71,98)

Pictures at an Exhibition (full) (70,71)

Pictures at an Exhibition (2nd half) (72,77,78,92,93)

Pictures at an Exhibition (short) (96,97)

Nutrocker (70,71,77,78)

Hoedown (72,73,74,77,78,88,93,96,97,98)

The Endless Enigma Pt 1 and 2 (72)

Fugue (72)

The Sheriff (72,73,74,98)

Abaddon's Bolero (72,73)

Jerusalem (73,74)

Toccata (73,74)

Still...You Turn Me On (73,74,86)

Karn Evil 9 - 1st Imp. Pt 1 (73,74)

Karn Evil 9 - 1st Imp. Pt 2 (73,74,86,92,93,97,98)

Karn Evil 9 - 2nd Imp. (73,74)

Karn Evil 9 - 3rd Imp. (73,74)

Piano Concerto No.1 (77,78,98)

C'est la Vie (77,78,98)

Closer to Believing (77)

The Enemy God (77,78)

Fanfare for the Common Man (77,78,86,88,92,93,96,97,98)

Pirates (77,78,92,93)

Tiger in the Spotlight (77,78,96,97)

Honky Tonk Train Blues (92,93,97,98)

Watching Over You (86)

Show Me the Way to go Home (78)

Black Moon (92,93)

Paper Blood (92,93)

Close to Home (92)

Romeo and Juliet (92,93)

Affairs of the Heart (92)

Farewell to Arms (92)

The Score (86)

Learning to Fly (86)

Dream Runner (86,88)

Mars, Bringer of War (86)

Touch and Go (86,93,96,97)

Creole Dance (86,88,92,93,97)

Hammer It Out (96)

Desde La Vida (88)

Lover to Lover (88)

You Do or You Don't (88)

Talkin'About (88)

On My Way Home (88)

Runaway (88)

Shadows of Love (88)

Eight Miles High (88)

Peter Gunn Theme (77)

Rondo (70,71,72,77,86,88,92,93,96,97,98)

America (70,86,92,93,97,98)

21st Century Schizoid Man (97,98)

Song for Kevin Gilbert (96)

Alan Freeman Theme (72)