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This page is designed as a tribute to Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer, known collectively to the world as ELP. It attempts to document the recorded output, both live and in the studio, of ELP and its parent/offshoot bands, from Keith Emerson's pioneering group The Nice in 1967, to the last ELP tour in 1998. It is in no way sanctioned by the band or its management, but only my attempt to correct what I consider to be a severely overlooked aspect of my favourite musicians.

ELP were formed in 1970 via the amalgamation of Keith Emerson (keyboards) from The Nice, Greg Lake (guitars/vocals) from King Crimson and Carl Palmer (drums and percussion) from Atomic Rooster. The music combines rock, classical and jazz influences, played with great musicality, overlayed with Greg Lake's graceful vocals.

They quickly gathered a reputation as one of the premiere live acts, mixing exploding keyboards, rotating drum kits and revolving grand pianos with playing of great intensity and virtuosity.

Though some may disagree, the stage presentations have never detracted from ELP's key aim : music of a high standard, played with excitement, but mixed with humour. It is this aspect of humour which has been sorely overlooked by "critics" who continue to lable ELP as "pretentious". Rocked-up versions of classical pieces were a feature of these concerts, and included ELP's own interpretations of works by Mussorgsky, Copeland, Bartok and others. However, they also had their fair share of straight ahead audience participation pieces.

Just follow the links below, and explore the history of Emerson, Lake and Palmer's live and studio career, from 1967 to the present day.

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